Anargul is fourteen years old and lives with her Kazakh family in Ulgii in Western Mongolia. She is blind and has severe learning disability. Neither she nor her family are provided with medical or social support other than a small financial allowance from central government to pay for subsistence living and medicine. Her parents were given a white stick by World Vision but no instructions on how to use it. Anargul navigates her home and compound outside by touch, listening to instructions from her family and by step counting. She is loved and supported by her immediate and extended family. Her father was very close to her but he died suddenly in December 2015. Anargul was distraught and stayed in bed for a week and cried and remains depressed. She laughs when the other children laugh and is happy when they are happy. Her mother is very close to her and is the only person who can feed Anargul and touch her head. She often stims and is constantly on the move. For her portrait I focused on her hair, which was always carefully arranged by her mother, and her body language which was an expression of her anxiety. Anargul, whilst vulnerable, possessed a simple purity and innocence. She is loved and cared for and I doubt she will ever know institutional life.