Street Man Bhutan

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Sometimes it’s difficult to know why a person interests you. Perhaps it’s best to be safe and not to show an interest in someone different. But there are times when we should question our own attitudinal barriers and break them down.

I noticed the way he walked first. He was in the distance but he had a distinct slow rolling gait which reminded me of someone but I couldn’t remember who. His walking stick was old and gnarled and he leaned heavily on it. As he came closer I understood my curiosity was based on his similarity to the Star Wars character Yoda. He stopped to rest and placed his hands on his walking stick in the same way Yoda would. He was quite short in stature and his eyes, nose, hands, and demeanour where Yoda-like. I was really keen to meet this Bhutanese Yoda. I asked my local guide if he could ask the man if he was willing to talk to me. My guide refused saying he was a street man, a drunk, and dangerous. I explained to the guide that he looked interesting but he simply became angry with me and walked off in distain. Left to my own devises I gesticulated and smiled and showed him my photographs. He was bemused by my antics and gave a soft Yoda smile in acceptance of my difference. The guide returned and translated and we got to understand each other a little. He was a warm charming gentle man.