Son of Lena

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She and her husband wanted a family but during late pregnancy. She experienced pre-eclampsia and lost her first two children and almost lost her own life. Lena has serious health problems. She has high blood pressure, one kidney smaller than the other and experiences a degree of kidney failure causing toxins to build up in her body She has some liver failure, experiences bradycardia (a slow heartbeat causing dizziness and fatigue), and significant rheumatoid arthritis. She had an operation on her throat and as a result has a soft gentle voice which is getting quieter. Life was hard but she never gave up hope despite her problems.

Most humans have an inherent quality that is optimistic looking towards a brighter future. Bringing a child into the world is an affirmation of this fundamental human trait. After losing two children at birth Lena’s doctors, her relatives and her friends, all told her that she could have a good life without children. Lena and her husband disagreed with them and against all advice tried again. Lena wanted a child even though she would endanger her own life. On the third attempt Lena and her husband succeeded and now have a strong healthy 12 year old son.

The photograph ‘Son of Lena’ is a clear statement that people with disabilities can, and often do, make wonderful parents.